Don’t let anyone tell you how strong you get to be

Don’t let anyone tell you how strong you get to be.

How bright you get to shine.

How much you get to build your business.

Just because you’re a mom and/or a wife doesn’t mean you aren’t a WHOLE person who GETS to live her FULL purpose!!!! Not just the piece that’s meant to be “mom” or “wife”. No! ALL of your God given Purpose! You don’t have to choose which pieces you get to have! You get to have everything that’s meant for you my dear! Everything! And there’s sooooo much more than the crumbs you’re allowing yourself to receive now.

Don’t let someone else control you and limit how high you fly! Don’t let someone make you dim your light because of THEIR fears!!! Not even if that person is your partner. Especially if it’s your partner! It’s a partnership!!! Which means you’re two whole people, of equal importance making a life together. You and only YOU are responsible for the way your life turns out. Stand up for yourself and for what you want and for your dreams! And stop waiting for someone else (even your partner!) to give you the tap on the back of Approval. They may not get your dream. I’m sorry if they don’t. I feel blessed to have the most supportive husband!!! Now does that mean he always gets it 100% and is excited about things as I am? No. Not always. Or not always immediately. But he always comes around quickly to taking my hand in his and saying “I trust you love.” That’s partnership. I see so many coaches not getting the full support of their partner and letting it stop them or slow them down! This makes me sad and I want to empower you to stand up for your dreams and have your own back! The Warrior stands for her values no matter what! The Queen knows her value and doesn’t take no for an answer. She doesn’t even ask for others approval frankly. Who are you being??? You’re stronger than that! Stop robbing the rest of the world of your gifts because of one person’s fears, scarcity mindset, desire for control, and inability to see past the present moment.

You get to have your desires. Those desires are pointing you towards your purpose.

The enemy wants nothing more than for you to never have the impact you’re meant to have. Are you letting him win?

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