Need some stress management tips?

Do you ever feel stressed? That’s a rhetorical question. Lol. I want to share 3 little stress management tips with you.

I am in the process of moving, and traveling a lot, while running a business and a household. So when you start to feel that stress rising up, I try to be intentional with helping myself keep that stress from overtaking me and stealing my peace.

My first tip is to really take care of yourself as a priority; physically really taking care of yourself. Because maybe we have some old habits or maybe some habits that are still there, that we tend to go to when we’re trying to relieve stress. Maybe some emotional eating, maybe sugar, maybe alcohol, maybe procrastinating.

We can tend to do some of these things and I want to encourage you to actually do the opposite. Maybe the body and the mind is saying, “hey, some sugar would make me feel good” or “some pizza would make me feel good” or a beer, right? When you’re feeling that way really remind yourself “actually what’s going to help me the most is to fuel myself with high quality foods”.

Ask yourself: “how can I help myself?” And that’s with nourishing your body. Right? So just for example, this morning, I have my avocado toast with some hemp seeds, some Himalayan pink salt, some pepper on gluten free bread. And then I made an amazing shake with Greens and berries, and high quality protein.

Quality food will help keep that stress level low and keep me energized, to keep me feeling focused and awake.

So that’s my first tip: really nourish yourself and don’t fall into the trap of thinking that certain things are going to help you, like sugar or alcohol or fatty foods that are really not going to help you. They’re going to slow you down; they’re going to drain your energy. So really fuel yourself well!!!

Give yourself the gift of energy and high quality fuel. Especially if your stress levels are going to be high.

The second thing is really not forgetting to take care of yourself physically like your workouts.

So this morning I hit the gym, I had my session with my personal trainer. Don’t neglect that because we can think “oh my gosh, I don’t have an hour to work out… I could be packing or working or doing something else because I’m so busy.” But again, give yourself the gift of feeling amazing especially because you’re busy!

Taking that hour out of your day to really get that workout in is going to give you more energy. It’s going to make you feel good. Right? So really not neglecting that.
The third thing is, as I was making my food, I was listening to my meditation. Maybe you have a favorite meditation. I listened to a biblically based one and it was so good to come back and recenter in peace. And getting that reminder of where my strength comes from.

Taking the time to sit down and say a prayer and ask for peace and asked for my day to be productive and to be able to get through it in a way that feels peaceful. So remembering to center back into where your power comes from, the source of your strength, what sustains you.

Those are my three tips for you: fuel yourself well, fueling your body with high quality food and nutrition, getting your body moving (exercising). Don’t neglect that. Don’t say, “Oh, I can’t afford to take that hour out of my day”. Yes, you can. Give yourself that gift and then really coming back to your power source; whether that’s a a favorite meditation or sitting down and praying or sitting down and taking some time to get into the word. Your mind’s going to say, “oh, you don’t have time for that”. “Just go through the drive through”. No! Give yourself those gifts because it will help you to go through a chaotic time in your life or in your day and your week with ease and flow and peace. You can’t eliminate chaos from your life. You’re always going to be surrounded by some chaos.

We live in a busy society. We’re always going to be busy. I don’t know, a single time where I’m not busy. Right? So if you’re waiting to not be stressed until you’re no longer busy, you’re always going to be stressed.

I cannot control everything around me, but I can control the way that I experience it. I can choose to be very busy, but to be at peace; I can choose to relax into the chaos and to help myself to do that.

With these three tips and more.

Ask yourself: “How can I help myself to relax into the chaos in my life and to experience it in a peaceful way?”

I hope that was helpful. Leave me a comment if it was.

If you have any questions, reach out to me.

Have a peaceful day.

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