It’s scary to trust yourself.

It’s scary to trust yourself.

I have had an INCREDIBLE, even unimaginable year this year. I couldn’t have dreamed it would be this way.

What did I do to have my success? I operated from faith and with ease and flow. I’m so thankful I learned about these principles of ease and flow early on and heard it was possible to create a successful business without the “grind”. I wanted peace and spaciousness so this really resonated with me. I’m so thankful I had examples of coaches doing this, seeing them be successful while in flow and simply being themselves, choosing to let it be easy and seeing them build 6 figure businesses. I was inspired to say the least and as they modeled that for me, I was able to do it too.

I feel 2018, all in all was easy. Were there times I was scared or stressed, overwhelmed or unsure? Yes. But overall I’d say that what I created 2018 was done with ease and really after all was said and done, looking back, felt easy.

I chose to have it be easy and it was.

The number one key to my success aside from simply having God’s hand on me, was investing in powerful 1-1 mentors and coaches.

Getting to the end of 2018 and having big vision for 2019, I found myself feeling like somehow I had to “double down” to grow even bigger next year… to reach multi-6 figures I’d have to now “do all the things” and basically work myself to death to do it… and somehow it felt like I had no choice.

And as I was in that period of feeling that pressure, I honestly was struggling! I felt overwhelmed daily about the business, felt scared, felt like “there’s no way I can do this or keep this up”; for the first time almost even wanting to quit because the next level felt so misaligned with who I am and want to be and who I’ve loved being this year.

I felt like I “couldn’t deal”!

Then thanks to God and thanks to powerful mentors again bringing me their wisdom, and thanks to me being able to trust MYSELF, I’m saying NO to that!

Today I didn’t worry. I went on my son’s first field trip ever and listened to worship music and took a nice long nap!

And you know what magic thing happened? I actually felt the fire of inspiration light back up! It had gone dim during that whole overwhelm period.

I found I wasn’t showing up live anymore… my fire was dim and I didn’t feel I had much to give…

The moment I decided to trust myself and let go of someone else’s great plan for me, I felt back into my flow.

I felt inspired again and did a live with ease and power.

I wrote this message.

I felt like myself again!

Simply by letting go of what wasn’t sitting right with me and trusting MYSELF!

I choose to operate from the place and belief that I don’t have to work my butt off (yes I work but not to a place that depletes me), if it feels hard I’m doing it wrong. I choose to operate in my business with ease and flow. I felt I had to do what the experts were telling me to do…. But no, instead I’m choosing to have my business plan look like this: How can I work the hardest on staying in my flow? In my zone of genius? Of rest and self-care and inspiration so that my magic can flow freely and abundantly.

That means getting outside, taking naps in the middle of the day, having space and time to read, taking long baths and listening to music. These are some of the things that activate me. These are the to-do’s in my business.

And I’m choosing to trust myself!!!!

The number one thing for me, and my number 1 priority for my success in my personal life and business life in 2019 is walking with God every moment of every day. That is my Power Source. That is where my strength, inspiration, magic, fire, and gifts come from. And that’s where my blessings come from.

I’m choosing to make that the number ONE priority in my day and my life in 2019 and I feel certain that success is inevitable with that come-from.

And that plan feels like total peace. No anxiety. No stress. No overwhelm comes over me when I think about it. And that’s how I know I’m on the right track.

Man it feels good when you decide to be a soul driven, Spirit lead entrepreneur.

I’m sure I could make tons of money doing all the “things”. The funnels and the marketing strategies etc… and I’m sure those things are the right things for some people and DO work. But they aren’t for me. At least not at this point.

I chose heart and faith last year. It worked for me. I choose heart and faith next year. And I have full confidence it will work for me again.

Because what I want is peace, ease, flow, spaciousness, and to make a positive impact on people’s lives. And my plan allows me to have all of that.

The money will naturally flow as a result.

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