Fear to Fierce

Be a Business Badass

Bust through your limiting beliefs so you can finally go from Fear to Fierce and be the Business Badass you’re meant to be!

This is the transformative mindset work that allows me to own my Badassery and show up powerfully in my business and in the world.


Do you find yourself full of fear? Afraid of what your neighbor, friends, family will think of you if you try to build your business (I.e. sell your products and services!)


Are you incapable of charging what you’re worth? Too afraid that no one will pay that or “who am I to charge that” or “someone will judge me for charging that much!”


Do you feel stuck by the done-for-you language of your training’s that doesn’t feel authentic to you at all but don’t feel confident about stepping outside the box?


Do you find yourself wanting to make money but also somewhere feeling guilty for wanting to make money? Feeling somehow “bad” for having desires?


Do you feel stuck in your business and just don’t know what you’re doing wrong?


Does the business feel incredibly hard and you’re getting discouraged and thinking about going back to your old job?


Do you hear yourself saying things like “it works for her but it won’t work for me”; “it’s gonna take a long time to build my business”; “it’s gonna be really hard”; “it seems like everyone’s making money but me”….

If you answered “yep, that’s me” to any of those, then this program is for you!

Let me teach you how to shift who you’re BEING so you can step into the highest version of yourself.

It’s actually not hard. And everything you want is absolutely available to you if you do the work to have the right mindset.

Because success is 90% a mind game!

She who has the right mindset will have all the success she desires.

What You’ll Learn

Heart Centered Marketing

How to have great presence on your social media and use your platforms to attract ideal clients (which means getting to that big money goal of yours with more ease and confidence).

Money Mindset

Powerful Money Mindset and business money management.

Business Planning

Help you to have a clear plan so you don’t feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at a wall hoping something will stick and how to create a clear plan for your future, knowing exactly how to get there.

Rock Star Confidence

How to no longer let fear hold you back; The warrior queen is bold and brave and fierce!

Time For You

Teach you how to create a business that supports your lifestyle instead of taking over your life and driving you crazy.

Mind & Soul

This is a spiritual journey as much as it is strategic business building. This is for the woman ready to co-create with her Creator.

Love Notes

What Other Warrior Queens are saying about working with Christina!

Ready to Make a Change?

Think about where you were this time last year? I know it can be tempting to say “i’ll wait” one day I’ll invest in a mentor or invest in coaching …. When I have money…when the time is right… after I finish my training’s… and how has that worked out for you?

Are you where you wanted to be by now? And if you are, how much farther could you go with incredible support like this?!

If you’re where you wanted to be by now then I know you’ve got even bigger vision for the future! I know I do! What’s got you to the level you’re at now won’t get you to the next.

You have to become the woman who’s living that next level.

So let’s do this together! I can help you to become her. That 6 figure earning version of yourself. Or whatever the big dream is for you. Maybe it’s simply to replace your income so you can be a full time coach. I was there too.

It doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to take a long time… the time is going to pass anyway… make the most of it.

I don’t wait. I trust my intuition and the opportunities God puts in my path and it’s never steered me wrong.

Fortune favors the brave and so do I.

$2800 Invested in full – BEST DEAL

Two Monthly Payments of $1500 

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