Dare to be your most expressed, most authentic self.

If you’re a coach, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you have an online business, if you need to put yourself out there a lot like I do for your business I know that it can be hard and scary at times. This is something that I can struggle with too. You need to come from a place where you truly believe that you cannot control other people’s opinions of you. And we mistakenly sometimes think that we can. We think, “oh, if I just portray myself this certain way or only show these pictures, or I only talk about these things, that people will like me or people won’t dislike me. Or I won’t offend anyone”.

Gary Vee says “so many people never do what they really want to do or what they’re meant to do because they’re so afraid of other people’s opinions.” What will my mom think? What will my dad think? What will my friends think? Will I lose all my friends? Um, what will, you know, my, the people at Church think or my Pastor think, or whoever it might be for you. Even if you were to magically be able to always portray yourself in the best possible way. Some people are going to misunderstand you and some people are going to not like you just because of who you are or just because of something about you. You could be the juiciest peach on the tree and some people don’t like peaches and it is what it is. You could be just the most perfect peach that ever was. And if that person doesn’t like peaches, they might be indifferent to you. They might walk by the tree and not even notice you or they might look at you and say, “oh, gross, I hate peaches.” That’s just the reality. So stop holding back your heartbeat message because you’re afraid someone won’t like you!!!

Dare to be you! Dare to be your most expressed, most authentic self. What if the whole world opens up to you when you finally can do that?

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