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Need some stress management tips?

Do you ever feel stressed? That’s a rhetorical question. Lol. I want to share 3 little stress management tips with you. I am in the process of moving, and traveling a lot, while running a business and a household. So when you start to feel that stress rising up, I try to be intentional with helping myself keep that stress from overtaking me and stealing my peace. My first tip is to really take care of yourself as a priority; physically really taking care of yourself. Because maybe we have some old habits or maybe some habits that are still
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Don’t let anyone tell you how strong you get to be

Don’t let anyone tell you how strong you get to be. How bright you get to shine. How much you get to build your business. Just because you’re a mom and/or a wife doesn’t mean you aren’t a WHOLE person who GETS to live her FULL purpose!!!! Not just the piece that’s meant to be “mom” or “wife”. No! ALL of your God given Purpose! You don’t have to choose which pieces you get to have! You get to have everything that’s meant for you my dear! Everything! And there’s sooooo much more than the crumbs you’re allowing yourself to
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