I’m Christina Popovic and I help people feel worthy of being themselves

I went from 120$ in my coaching business in 2017 to over 130 thousand in 2018. Learn from a person that has been there, and knows how to get you exactly where you want to be! Click the play button and listen to my story!

Fear to Fierce 8 Week Coaching Program

Let me teach you how to shift who you’re BEING so you can step into the highest version of yourself. It’s actually not hard. And everything you want is absolutely available to you if you do the work to have the right mindset. Because success is 90% a mind game!

She who has the right mindset will have all the success she desires.

  • Do you find yourself full of fear? Afraid of what your neighbor, friends, family will think of you if you try to build your business (I.e. sell your products and services!)
  • Do you find yourself wanting to make money but also somewhere feeling guilty for wanting to make money? Feeling somehow “bad” for having desires?
  • Are you incapable of charging what you’re worth? Too afraid that no one will pay that or “who am I to charge that” or “someone will judge me for charging that much!”
  • Does the business feel incredibly hard and you’re getting discouraged and thinking about going back to your old job?
  • Do you feel stuck by the done-for-you language of your training’s that doesn’t feel authentic to you at all but don’t feel confident about stepping outside the box?
  • Do you hear yourself saying things like “it works for her but it won’t work for me”; “it’s gonna take a long time to build my business”; “it’s gonna be really hard”; “it seems like everyone’s making money but me.”

If you answered “yep, that’s me” to any of those, then this program is for you!

My 7 Secrets

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We had such a wonderful time celebrating baby Reina with dear friends 🥳💕💕💕
So many laughs were shared, plus great food and hilarious games 🤣💕💕💕 Thank you to everyone who has celebrated this baby with us, not only today but so many other times and in so many ways. Thank you! 🙏🏼💕 She is already so loved 💕

We feel so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives. 🥰🙏🏼💕 #34weekspregnant
Some family fun at the @trinityoakleaf Trunk or Treat 💕
Bacon and egg was a hit 🥰💕
And Kai had a blast with his friends getting lots of candy 🍬
Happy birthday (weekend) to one of my bestest bestest friends 🥰 @renee_loyola you’ve been such a God send in my life. Especially throughout this deployment, you’ve been my constant companion through it all. We’ve done so many fun things together over the last almost 4 years!!! We’re health enthusiast buddies and also Sunday Fun day buddies 🤣🤣 love ya girl!!! I’m blessed to have a friend like you!!! 🥳🥳🥳
Homecoming 2019 🥳💕. We couldn’t be happier to be back together 💕 I feel so blessed and so thankful for every friend who helped us make it though a difficult season. I’m thankful for this time of growth. Times like these help us tap into our strengths, develop relationships, grow as individuals and become stronger as a family and as a couple. I’m thankful for the rain because it brings good fruit. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad it’s over too 🤣🤣💕💕 couldn’t be happier. It just feels sooooo right for our family to be under the same roof again 🥰🥰🥰👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🥳🥳🥳 Hooray!!!!
🎶 “Until you stop breathing
Until you stop bleeding
Until your heart stops kick-drum beating
When it's hard times
When it's long days
And the enemy is right up in your face
When your back's against the ropes and you're feeling all alone
Keep fighting the good fight
Never give up
Keep letting your light shine
Holding it high as long as you live
'Cause I'm never gonna leave you
Always gonna see you through to the other side

Keep fighting the good fight
Even in the road blocks
Even through the rough spots
When you're feeling you've given all that you've got
I'm with you in the next step
Giving you in the next breath
I'll be the voice saying "You're gonna make it"
When you're out there on your own
You are never alone
Keep fighting the good fight
Never give up
Keep letting your light shine
Cause I'm never gonna leave you
Always gonna see you through to the other side”